Using Yellow to Add a Touch of Colour to your Decor


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The summer months bring out some of the richest and luxurious colours, yellows, greens, blues and reds.  We love the summer, and we especially love mixing hot summer colours with the basics (like black, brown, and white).  We found some great inspiration which will surely show you different ways you can incorporate this beautiful colour – YELLOW – without making it look like Big Bird exploded.

The key to using a powerful colour like yellow is to mix slowly – not over dramatically.

Unless, that’s what you want…. which is equally amazing, but if you’re going to go for it… GO FOR IT! Like the following image! 😉  Your guests will love it!

Tell us what colour your using for your event, wedding or decor!  We’d love to know!


Inspired Them for your Wedding or Event!


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You don’t have to know about wedding trends to pick your wedding theme.  Couples usually dive into wedding magazines for inspiration when it comes to decorating.  We suggest going outside the box on this one.  Check out decorating magazines, attend an interior decorating show, or even watch the food network!  We’re telling you ideas will FLY in faster than you can blink!

Maybe there is a place you’ve visited as a couple, and you fell in love with.  This can always be GREAT inspiration and can really help you with your theme.  You can highlight your favourite things either with the food, the music or the decor.  Love your time in Costa Rica?  Maybe run a slide show of you two there during the reception – it’s really absolutely up to you!

Yes the magazines and the blogs load you up with lots of wedding ideas, but we find that it may not be exactly what you want… maybe it’s just what’s in.  Have your wedding represent YOU both and when people visit your wedding they say “wow, this is exactly you two!”

The decor is yours, so make it so!  We’re here to help! 🙂

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The Statement Pice – Orignal and LOUD!


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The statement piece – yes we feel that there should always be one part of the wedding that stands proud and loud.Casa D’Eramo Original Centerpiece

The piece depends on the couples budget, but it can be the dress, the center pieces, the cake, the venue… anything that makes your guests go “WOW!” Today, we’ll focus on the centerpiece.  This simple yet elegant piece is the most common “statement piece” for couples as it’s the easiest way to impress your guests.

There are some masters out there who impress guests no matter what they do, celebrity florist and event designer, Preston Bailey does statement like it’s nobodies business!  He love the loud and loves the statement pieces, and we’re glad that brides here in Montreal are doing the same thing!

A Preston Bailey Original Piece
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But what do you do with the statement pieces once the wedding is over? Great question… these pieces of art can’t just be thrown out like yesterdays garbage.  A lot of couples give them away to their guests, either by playing a game or having a raffle or draw.  It’s another added bonus and a great souvenir, and outstanding souvenir, that your guests will truly enjoy!

Casa D’Eramo: Wedding Favors and Bonbonniere’s for Wedding Wednesday


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What’s a better post for Wedding Wednesdays than one of the most fun little details at the reception, the souvenirs and wedding favors!

These small gifts have been given as a gesture of appreciation to guests from the bride and groom for many years. Thought to have started in Europe and they were then called bonbonnieres (which they still are here in Montreal). Bonbonniere’s are a small trinket box made of crystals and or previous stones and the contents of the box were generally sugar cubes or confections – yum! As the years went on, as did the favors. Confections became almonds or hard candy, and couples opted for a more economical bonbonniere.

Today, gifts to guests are commonly known as wedding favors,wedding favors have become a part of wedding reception planning, especially Canada.

Customizing your favor to wedding theme is very common and couples are constantly looking to use for unique designs! Think outside the “box” and you’ll surely please your guests! Our suggestion is to stay with a little snack like candies, chocolates or the new hot treat…. marshmallows!!! <Photo 12>

Chair Covers – Wedding Decor Tips!


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A bride once wanted to add something to her decor, but stay within budget, but make the entire event look like she spent way more than she actually did.  This is a common request, staying on budget is important, but having your wedding look budget is definitely not where we want to be heading… ever!

The easiest and most eye catching decorating tip we can give (DYI or not), is chair covers, accents and decor.

You take a simple chair like this one:

And add accents like these:

Or, like this:

As you can tell, the concept is simple – accent your chairs with the colour of the reception, theme or table clothes.  You’ll turn your simple look and transform it into something much more spectacular – and you’d be surprised… it might not break the bank!

Trends in Wedding Reception Decorations


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A big trend that we are seeing is centerpieces that are the same colour and tone, but different shape sizes and looks.  This gives reception tables a more interesting look and a less “cookie cutter” approach – one table is flowers, the next can be candles.  It gives the decor more depth and a little more character.  Another huge trend is vase fillers, things like acrylic ice, water, rocks, marbles, plant leafs and so much more is vastly popular!  Chairs at receptions are often decorated with fabric overlays, floral or ribbons.

Another HUGE trend this year is the ever popular candy bars!  This consists of a table lined with treats, candies, marshmallows ect… We LOVE this trend – and so do most guests! 🙂 A little plastic bag or gift bag is left so that guests bring home a little something from the bar.

Another big trend is the elimination of the head table, it’s been replaced with a small table for just the bride and groom.  Often called the sweetheart table, we are seeing more and more of this at this years weddings.

2010 is an exciting year for weddings and we love what we are seeing so far!

Until next time,

Casa D’Eramo Decor

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Add Crystals to Your Decor!


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Crystals are really popular in decor.  All events can easily incorporate crystals to their decor.  The light simply glimmers off every pice giving an ambience and mood like non other.  From Chandeliers to candel votives, you can have a lot or a little amount!  This year at Casa D’eramo we’ve introduced a New Square Krystal Table.  The table gives a depth and an amazing affect that your guests will swoon about for years!  Compliment your Krystal table with out of our free standing chandeliers!  Accent your event with either black or white, and you’ll have yourself beautiful decor!

Ask one of our amazing and talented consultants how you can add crystals to your event!  Trust us, it’s a trend that’s isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!



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What inspires you? How do you find inspiration?

A lot of couple are faced with “decor-block” when trying to find the perfect decor for their wedding. You need to remember that you don’t need to decorate the entire event from A-Z in the beginning stages of planning, you need to find a theme and grow from there.

Wedding magazines are amazing for inspiration, but we suggest that you find inspiration from multiple sources. Our suggestions include: decor magazines, fashion magazines, fashion shows, architecture, newspapers ect. The reality is, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Once you have your theme and ideas, make a collage or create a scrap-book. This way you’ll see all your ideas and inspiration working together. You can even bring them to Casa D’Eramo! We’ll help you get all the right equipment and props to make your vision become a reality!

Let us know, where do you find inspiration?

Add some glow to your next event or Reception!


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My Real Wedding from The Knot and The Nest.

Have you ever been to a party, wedding, or event and the tables just seem to glow?

They actually are glowing!  It’s a technique decorators have been using in order to give the room and the furniture that extra added glow.  It’s a trend that isn’t disappearing any time soon either!   From Fashion shows to wedding receptions we are seeing more and more of this amazing glow technique!

The concept is a sheet of Plexiglass placed on a table, bar, or piece of furniture with a light placed uner.  This simple, yet glamorous, trick turn an ordinary reception from plain to extraordinary! The light can be any colour as well as the sheet of plexiglass.

Casa D’Eramo Decor has lots of new Lit Up Plexiglass tables in stock!  Word to the wise, we don’t suggest DIY for this technique!  Hire the experts!  This will ensure a flawless and perfect glow every time!

My Real Wedding from The Knot and The Nest.

Boa’s & Feathers – it’s all about the vintage GLAMOUR!


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This year, a big trend in weddings and decor is vintage, but how about vintage glamour? Iconic figures like Mae West represent all that is vintage and glamourous!

Your wedding has to represent you, and if you are the kind of couple that loves all the finer things, yet, are looking for a twist on this year’s hottest wedding trend? Think VINTAGE GLAMOUR, 1930’s style! Feathers, pearls, glitz, black tie, piano’s & crystals, what more could a girl ask for!

Casa D’Eramo has it all! This year’s Boa Feather Ball Vase with Pearls is a perfect centre piece for your vintage glamour wedding!

And some inspiration from Mae West…

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