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What inspires you? How do you find inspiration?

A lot of couple are faced with “decor-block” when trying to find the perfect decor for their wedding. You need to remember that you don’t need to decorate the entire event from A-Z in the beginning stages of planning, you need to find a theme and grow from there.

Wedding magazines are amazing for inspiration, but we suggest that you find inspiration from multiple sources. Our suggestions include: decor magazines, fashion magazines, fashion shows, architecture, newspapers ect. The reality is, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Once you have your theme and ideas, make a collage or create a scrap-book. This way you’ll see all your ideas and inspiration working together. You can even bring them to Casa D’Eramo! We’ll help you get all the right equipment and props to make your vision become a reality!

Let us know, where do you find inspiration?