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A big trend that we are seeing is centerpieces that are the same colour and tone, but different shape sizes and looks.  This gives reception tables a more interesting look and a less “cookie cutter” approach – one table is flowers, the next can be candles.  It gives the decor more depth and a little more character.  Another huge trend is vase fillers, things like acrylic ice, water, rocks, marbles, plant leafs and so much more is vastly popular!  Chairs at receptions are often decorated with fabric overlays, floral or ribbons.

Another HUGE trend this year is the ever popular candy bars!  This consists of a table lined with treats, candies, marshmallows ect… We LOVE this trend – and so do most guests! 🙂 A little plastic bag or gift bag is left so that guests bring home a little something from the bar.

Another big trend is the elimination of the head table, it’s been replaced with a small table for just the bride and groom.  Often called the sweetheart table, we are seeing more and more of this at this years weddings.

2010 is an exciting year for weddings and we love what we are seeing so far!

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Image from: http://floralverde.com/blog/?p=363
Image 2 From: http://www.ourweddingplus.com/blog/belly-up-to-the-candy-bar/