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The statement piece – yes we feel that there should always be one part of the wedding that stands proud and loud.Casa D’Eramo Original Centerpiece

The piece depends on the couples budget, but it can be the dress, the center pieces, the cake, the venue… anything that makes your guests go “WOW!” Today, we’ll focus on the centerpiece.  This simple yet elegant piece is the most common “statement piece” for couples as it’s the easiest way to impress your guests.

There are some masters out there who impress guests no matter what they do, celebrity florist and event designer, Preston Bailey does statement like it’s nobodies business!  He love the loud and loves the statement pieces, and we’re glad that brides here in Montreal are doing the same thing!

A Preston Bailey Original Piece
(Image from http://thebridesguide.marthastewartweddings.com/2009/02/my-visit-to-turks-and-caicos.html)

But what do you do with the statement pieces once the wedding is over? Great question… these pieces of art can’t just be thrown out like yesterdays garbage.  A lot of couples give them away to their guests, either by playing a game or having a raffle or draw.  It’s another added bonus and a great souvenir, and outstanding souvenir, that your guests will truly enjoy!