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You don’t have to know about wedding trends to pick your wedding theme.  Couples usually dive into wedding magazines for inspiration when it comes to decorating.  We suggest going outside the box on this one.  Check out decorating magazines, attend an interior decorating show, or even watch the food network!  We’re telling you ideas will FLY in faster than you can blink!

Maybe there is a place you’ve visited as a couple, and you fell in love with.  This can always be GREAT inspiration and can really help you with your theme.  You can highlight your favourite things either with the food, the music or the decor.  Love your time in Costa Rica?  Maybe run a slide show of you two there during the reception – it’s really absolutely up to you!

Yes the magazines and the blogs load you up with lots of wedding ideas, but we find that it may not be exactly what you want… maybe it’s just what’s in.  Have your wedding represent YOU both and when people visit your wedding they say “wow, this is exactly you two!”

The decor is yours, so make it so!  We’re here to help! 🙂

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